Wow Bottled Water

We were contacted a while ago for the re-branding of wow (Purified natural water) located at the heart of Gurage region. 

When the new marketing team was appointed the first challenge they faced was to distribute to the hotels in Addis Ababa. Their bottled water did not speak class and was not appealing for the market they had put as a target consumer. 

Our task
Develop a brand identity and set standards for the marketing team to integrate. We had the flexibility to change the direction completely as there were no significant marketing and distribution. 

Rejuvenate Life
The motto
Definition: (remake, revive, renew, refresh, rebirth, restore)
We believe rejuvenation occurs when one aspect of our life is missing for some time and we get it back through a natural process. That’s when our life becomes a balance. We developed a concept as rejuvenating Life (restore, refresh) at the center of every visual.