A tribute to Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign that was in Ethiopia a few months back. But this was really an experimental project to test our studio pipeline for producing similar Product animation and pack shots.
One of the biggest we faced was finding an integration between Realflow, arguable the best fluid simulation software out there, and our native Blender which we use for day-to-day productions. Sadly Realflow doesn’t come with a plug-in for Blender that allows the import or export of digital assets. We searched the web for any alternatives, we found a few, but most were outdated. There are rumors of that Blender will soon support the Alembic format, that will fix this issue.
What we actually ended up doing is importing all meshes from Realflow to Blender, turn by turn, and animated the Render Visibilty of the meshes, so only one frame of fluid is visible at a given frame. Not the most effective use of memory, some .blend files were as big as 1.4GB. It worked for this case though