Our Process
When theres no sense of possessiveness or ownership in the artistic process, great things happen.
Process Overview
Our process starts with a briefing meeting. Here we take the assignment and ask any questions we may have about the brief. We believe in open communication with our clients at every stage. We are usually involved before storyboards are created but we can also execute a premade storyboard.

Step 1: Animatics and Moodboards

First, we prototype, we rough out everything with animatics(also called Pre-Visualization) and mood boards. These allow the client to envision what the final output would look like before it is actually completed. This allows the client to give early feedback. The animatic is a key milestone that provides information on timing, story, and camera composition for the final animation. This is where you first get a sense of the pacing, the rhythm, and the progression of the animation. The animatic will also contain draft music/dialogue/voice-over to ensure you get a fuller picture of what the final animation will be. Its purpose is to show you how long the whole animation will be and what’s happening on the screen. The image quality of the animatic is only on a preview level. The refined image quality is what we address on the next step.

Step 2: Styleframes and RnD

Next, we create styleframes. Styleframes are snapshots of a finished frame that look as close as to the final animation. It aims to capture the overall look and feel of the final animation but in a single static image. The styleframe(s) are essentially previews of the image quality that can be expected from the final animation. The styleframes can help you see the colors, light, and textures before we proceed to make the final animation. It’s also at this stage that we conduct our RnD. We try several production techniques to pick the best one for each project.

Step 3: Finalization

Here we get to work on finalizing the animation. We finalize all our digital assets(characters, props, environments, motion) and finalize shot work(animation, lighting, simulation) before putting everything together and rendering. We also go through a post-production and retouching phase to go the extra 10% in quality. File formats on delivery We will deliver the artworks in an Image format (.png, .jpeg, and .tif). We will deliver the animation in Video formats (.mp4 and .mov)

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