“By 2050, the country’s urban population alone is projected to reach 70.5 million with an urbanization rate of ~37%, up from the current rate of ~16%. In addition to this population increase, climate change, increasing and unsustainable societal gap in income and quality of life will pose additional pressures. How, then, can such monumental challenges that await the country be handled? How are we going to provide adequate drinking water for potential 10 million Addis Ababans? What sort of bold and innovative engineering solutions can be proposed to address these challenges? What is the role of technology in meeting societal grand challenges? And, no less important is to assess, synthesize and utilize the variety of available tremendous resources – youthful population, natural resources, and diverse climatic and weather conditions as well as highly educated and skilled citizenry both in the Country and abroad, among others.

The report presents some of the ideas generated by the best minds of our time to proactively address these challenges. The effort spearheaded by a steering committee of volunteers is inspired and influenced by similar large-scale efforts in the US, Europe, and other places around the globe.” 

We were tasked to develop a logo and accompanying promotional materials. The event is planned to be held every 2 years until 2050 needed a visual that can stand the test of time. We kept the visuals simple and clean.

Thematic focus The following are the major indicative thematic areas that was covered during the conference. • Enhancing basic services: includes topics such as ensuring food security, access to health care, meeting energy demand, and access to clean and equitable water distribution. • Foundation infrastructure: includes natural resources management, ICT infrastructure expansion, transport and communication infrastructure and STEM education and skillset development. • Economic development drivers: includes inclusive and sustainable industrialization, ICT-based innovation, and sustainable urban transition.
Above: Colors selection; we went with images that are associated with the thematic areas.
Above: Colors selection; we went with images that are associated with the thematic areas.
Above: Icons developed to represent the thematic categories.
Above: early stage logo directions that are converted to digital
Above: Social Media Speakers announcement posts